Restaurant L’Antica Trattoria – Sorrento


This is a restaurant with a difference! Here our aim is to present the very best in our menu, from the traditional local, and regional recipes – to the original and specialised flair of our talented chefs – plus, of course, only the finest of wines to enhance your meal. Our recipes are comprised of simply the purest and freshest ingredients, including specialist olive oils, organically grown local vegetables and fruits, and own recipe wholesome breads – all fresh daily. Added to the finest ingredients for your meal, our friendly staff work from their hearts to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable. We have a beautiful setting, whether outside in terrace filled with lush plants and flowers, or inside in one of the spacious, and charming rooms, all in air conditioned, and each with a tasteful, individual style, and with Neapolitan mandolin played in the evenings. Here at the Antica Trattoria, your taste buds, and yourselves, can be cosseted to make your meal unforgettable.

Yours truly,

Aldo D’Oria
Restaurant L’Antica Trattoria 

The Restaurant

Finest Food

Restaurant L'Antica Trattoria

Our Terrace

Party on the Terrace


"Finestrella" Room

Mary Rosy Room

Kitchen Staff

Mr. Aldo D’Oria with the kitchen Staff of L’Antica Trattoria


Home-made cow milk ‘caciotta’ and crispy seasonal vegetables.


Grilled zucchini with fresh anchovies and cherry tomatoes with basil.

Home–made pasta

Home-made green tortelli with broccoli and sausage, with parmesan cheese sauce.

Home-made pasta

Home-made ravioli, filled with ricotta cheese flavoured with orange, prawns and clams.


Medallions of pork fillet, with light mustard, apple purée, dried dates, cranberry sauce, cabbage cumin and small asparagus potatoes croquettes.


‘Pesce bandiera’ local fish, with leeks, bakes potatoes with mediterranean herbs, pumpkin sauce with mint flavour.


Crispy cone with double lemon cream and fresh fruits in season.